Episode-3 The futility of politics the utility of community

Today we discuss mastering state jujitsu, ie getting around the barriers in our system by using the state’s own systems and rules to our advantage.

Moderated by Nicole Sauce

On this podcast: 

Show Notes :

  • Using work-arounds for the regulations that choke businesses
    • Recognizing loopholes
    • Using the State’s power against themselves
  • The utility of community
    • Using the power of numbers to stand up to government organizations
      • Initiating private clubs
      • Co-cops
    • It’s important to distinguish legal and lawful
      • We do not have Rule of Law
      • What is Right and what is Legal are different
      • Pushback will come, but learn the law, including legal definitions to stand your ground
    • Are we underselling the power of Agorism?
      • We’re the strongest community in the world, but we don’t know we’re a community
      • The term is virtually unknown, but the activities are commonplace
      • We need to make people more aware of agorism
    • Real Solutions to Real Problems: response to a live viewer question – “what is the best currency for an alternative community except for barter.”
      • The more ways you have to get paid, the more you get paid
      • Everything and all of them, with less preference on fiat currency
      • It’s not necessarily about the currency, but the structure
      • Simple ledger protocol – it allows for multiple payments in a single transaction
      • Don’t underestimate the power of direct barter
    • Live viewer question: “What good is crypto if the government pulls the plug on the ‘net?”
      • The crypto wallet should sustain
      • That’s why there’s barter items like bullets, beans, and gold
    • Trust
    • Wrap up:
      • Creating communities through barter.
      • Building relationships that the government can’t penetrate




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2 replies
  1. The Tactical Redneck
    The Tactical Redneck says:

    Can somebody give me the legal definition of a “loophole in the law?”

    As one of my friends put it while getting inspected by the ATF, “that’s not a loophole in the law, that’s the way the law is written, if you don’t like it, you should call your congressmen.”

    Not saying that last part was a good thing to say to the ATF… but as far as I know, he wasn’t wrong.

    • Spirkodamus
      Spirkodamus says:

      A loophole is not a loophole really, it is simply understanding the law fully. What it means and what it does not mean. Or what you have to do to legally break the law. A cut and dry example.

      Federal ban on suppressors.

      Loophole, pay 200 bucks, fill out a form, wait 6-12 months, get stamp, buy suppressor. No one calls it a loophole because it is so cut and dry and because you specifically do something to satisfy the state. Yet it is exactly what we mean when we say loophole. That which you were not permitted to do, you may now do. To the point where if you are stupid and act like a child you can go up to a cop, say see this, this is my suppressor, here is my stamp, go screw, give them the bird and walk away.

      Bill has stamp, Tom does not, Bill may now stand right next to Tom and do something Tom can’t. Tom does it and Tom goes to club Fed, Bill goes to the range, simple right?

      No different really than what John did by putting his Kratom “sample” into a jar with a sealed lid. By understanding the law and the authority of the LEO he simply made a change. That which was illegal, became legal with the use of a jar and a lid.

      One must know what one is doing here and must weigh the risk. Is the risk a 250 dollar fine and an order to stop until you fight it in court and the worse that happens is you lose 250 dollars and have to go back to the drawing board? Fuck it assuming you won’t not feed your family this month over 250 bucks, go for it.

      Is the risk 5 years in the pen and a felony on your record stripping rights for the rest of your life. WELL YOU BETTER REALLY FUCKING BE SURE taking that risk.


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