Today, The Gaggle takes a solutions-based approach to implementing “counter technology” in your life so that you can protect yourself from control of the technocracy through using crypto currency, barter, developing networks, 3D printing, and self-reliance.

Moderated by Nicole Sauce

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In this episode the gaggle discusses the best ways to communicate the spirit of freedom and agorism with the uninitiated. We cover everything from living by example, to beating in the skulls of the sheeple with facts… gently. Read more


Join the Gaggle as we discuss social engineering, some examples of it, ways to work around it and ideas for gently helping others to see what is going on.

Moderator: Nicole Sauce

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Join the gaggle as they discuss civil unrest, what is likely to happen and what you can do as things progress. Topics covered include the grey man concept, self defense, supply chain issues, international relations, and CJ gives historical perspective.

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Late breaking add-on: Xavier Hawk:


  • Civil Unrest does not look the same everywhere
    • Government consequences – “Never let a good crisis go to waste”
    • We are becoming desensitized to the violence
    • Riots have expanded due to people being fed up with everything – unable to work, unable to see family and friends, unable to bring in income
  • Has the idea of masks been evangelized?
  • What is the end goal? 
  • Don’t do stupid things in stupid places with stupid people
  • Do not let your enemy choose the site, time, and circumstance of the battle. The Art of War
  • Solutions
    • Bugging In
      • 3 months’ food & water
      • Ammunition
    • Mental gymnastics
      •  Think through in advance what you would do
      • How do you get out of where you are? Multiple exit strategies. Who can help you?
    • Jack’s Modified Rule of 3
      • 3 destinations, 3 routes to each destination, 3 rally points on each route
      • All mapped and available to all family members
      • Signal (dead drop) that you’ve been somewhere and you lose communications and have to move on – others can see item and move to next point or final destination










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Today, The Gaggle as they discusses intentional communities. What does The Gaggle think of them, and what are some examples of communities that work? We contemplate Home Owner Associations and how to handle natural internal conflicts within intentional communities.

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Nicole Sauce,
Sal the Agorist –
John Bush,
Xavier Hawk,


Today the Gaggle takes on cities and all that is good and bad about them. We look at the use of zoning and planning to control the population and the latest incarnation of this known as Agenda 21. We also welcome a special guest for some historical context, Prof CJ from the Dangerous History Podcast. Read more

In this our 7th episode we take some time and answer questions from the audience. We have a big variety today and it includes things like homeschooling, permaculture, poultry management, building community, counter economics, vaccines, home births, essential skills, investing in preps and more.

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Today, the Gaggle discusses the core problems with government schools, why the system was set up the way it is, and steps people are taking privately to ensure that their children get the kind of education that will prepare them to thrive in the 21st century. Read more