Join the Gaggle as we take listener questions about integrating agorism into your life.

Moderated by: Nicole Sauce

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The gaggle managed to assemble for this episode despite three of us going though power outages and frozen pipes in the current massive cold front rocking the south.    The show notes are brief today as Nicole Sauce is once again without power, but trust us, there is plenty of power in this episode.

Xaxier invites community members to a discussion about agorism and the steps they are taking in their lives in this inaugural What the Flock talk.

On this episode: Xavier Hawk,


Curtis Stone comes out of hiding to rejoin The Gaggle as we discuss how to establish a solutions-based approach to community and how to set a positive culture within it.

Moderated by Curtis Stone

One this Episode

The Gaggle talks about their thoughts of late, social unrest, historical parallels, societal changes, to leave or not to leave, personal responsibility and more.

Moderator: Nicole Sauce

Note: Nicole said the wrong episode number in the introduction

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Today The Gaggle talks about entrepreneurship and agorism, as well as their experiences in starting podcasts.

Moderator: Sal the Agorist

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The Gaggle discusses growing food in winter, food growing strategies, why you should grow food and ways to get started if you have never tried.

Moderator: Sal Mayweather

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The Gaggle discusses mental health and its role in living a life of freedom, shares ways they make time for it, and discuss the state of mental health in our culture.

Moderated by Cj Killmer

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The Gaggle talks about alternative social media platforms and decentralized ways to share information — because the big three are out of line.

Moderated by Jack Spirko

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In this episode, The Gaggle talks about the basics of Crypto Currency, different ones you can use, and covers the “why” of using it.

Facilitated by Xavier Hawk

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