Today, The Gaggle as they discusses intentional communities. What does The Gaggle think of them, and what are some examples of communities that work? We contemplate Home Owner Associations and how to handle natural internal conflicts within intentional communities.

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Today, the Gaggle takes on the Technocracy, historical perspective, and practical steps to take to set yourself up for resilience in our current environment. We are joined today by special guest: Derrick Broze author of the How to Opt Out of the Technocratic State.

-Moderated by John Bush

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Today the Gaggle takes on the healthcare system and discusses how it should be, ways to design your personal healthcare solution and discusses ways to use nutrition, exercise, natural remedies and knowledge to prosper.

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Show Notes :

  • Thoughts on a pandemic in a free society: what does that look like?
    • No role for a government during an outbreak
    • Care would actually be provided because it would be more affordable
    • Healthcare would be a lot less decentralized
    • We would have a lot more options for healthcare
    • Free societies – multiple options based on medical philosophy
  • How far are the hosts into their journey into natural health
    • MMS
    • Eating less
    • Herbal remedies
    • Physical & Spiritual reboot
  • Viewer Question: Do any of the Gaggle see any black/gray market solutions to healthcare?
    • Docademic Token – allowing researchers and doctors to use your medical information in return for free healthcare
    • Herbal remedies
    • Example: Dallas Buyers Club
    • Alternative Medicine
    • Healthshare programs like Zion Healthshare
    • Medical tourism – going to another country for healthcare
    • Concierge medicine
    • Direct care
  • Antibiotics and how they are used in modern society
    • Overuse and resistance
  • Covid-19 vaccine roll-out
    • Civil War predicted if it’s mandated
    • This is just a test run (for the next emergency)


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Today the Gaggle takes on cities and all that is good and bad about them. We look at the use of zoning and planning to control the population and the latest incarnation of this known as Agenda 21. We also welcome a special guest for some historical context, Prof CJ from the Dangerous History Podcast.

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