Today, The Gaggle as they discusses intentional communities. What does The Gaggle think of them, and what are some examples of communities that work? We contemplate Home Owner Associations and how to handle natural internal conflicts within intentional communities.

Moderated by Xavier Hawk Read more

Today, the Gaggle takes on the Technocracy, historical perspective, and practical steps to take to set yourself up for resilience in our current environment. We are joined today by special guest: Derrick Broze author of the How to Opt Out of the Technocratic State. Read more

Today the Gaggle takes on the healthcare system and discusses how it should be, ways to design your personal healthcare solution and discusses ways to use nutrition, exercise, natural remedies and knowledge to prosper.

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Today the Gaggle takes on cities and all that is good and bad about them. We look at the use of zoning and planning to control the population and the latest incarnation of this known as Agenda 21. We also welcome a special guest for some historical context, Prof CJ from the Dangerous History Podcast. Read more