In this our 7th episode we take some time and answer questions from the audience. We have a big variety today and it includes things like homeschooling, permaculture, poultry management, building community, counter economics, vaccines, home births, essential skills, investing in preps and more.

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Today, the Gaggle discusses the core problems with government schools, why the system was set up the way it is, and steps people are taking privately to ensure that their children get the kind of education that will prepare them to thrive in the 21st century. Read more

This time four members of the gaggle taken on the food system.  We discuss some of the problems with the existing centralized system and the problems that come from the states intervention.

We then quickly turn to what can be done about it.  The great news is food is one place you can still make a difference rather quickly.  We discuss ways all of us have and do grow food including basic gardening, hydroponics and keeping small livestock.

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Today the gaggle takes on crypto currency with all its good and bad.  We discuss the real power of cryto specifically as an agorist lies in what it can do and what it can’t be prevented from doing.

No matter where you are in your walk with crypto from total newbie to seasoned vet you are going love this one.  The real problem for many in the crypto community is they see it as a “silver bullet” vs. simply an arrow in the quiver of the agorist.

We also talk about 3-D printing a bit today with our newest member of the Gaggle Sal the Agorist.

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