Episode-4 Cryto Agorism vs. the Machine

Today the gaggle takes on cryptocurrency with all its good and bad.  We discuss the real power of cryto specifically as an agorist lies in what it can do and what it can’t be prevented from doing.

No matter where you are in your walk with crypto from total newbie to seasoned vet you are going love this one.  The real problem for many in the crypto community is they see it as a “silver bullet” vs. simply an arrow in the quiver of the agorist. We also talk about 3-D printing a bit today with our newest member of the Gaggle Sal the Agorist.

-Moderated by Peter R. Quinones

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Show Notes:

  • What is Crypto?
    • Blockchain – tech that allows crypto to happen – goldmine, where you put a stake around each piece of gold,and give someone the key
    • Bitcoin is the key to the distributed ledger; no inherent value other than what the open market is willing to pay for it; gold has an actual use, bitcoin does not
    • Can code contracts into them
    • Selling a stake/piece of real estate onto the blockchain/open ledger
    • Discover new bitcoins using a cryptographic algorithm that changes based on the work the computer does. Once a certain amount of work is done, the location is open, and the blockchain is released.
    • People trade the codes with each other – selling a deed to a location on a distributed drive
  • Crypto is the most powerful counter-economic tool we have ever had
  • Sam Conklin – on one counter-economic tool will suffice to bring about the agora, but if we bring them together, we will get there.
  • Global, decentralized network without hierarchy – Anarchy in action
  • Anarchy all around us, all the time – decisions made without the coercive use of the state
  • Silver & Gold can be stolen – crypto cannot be stolen
  • Crypto faults
    • Creating currencies to digitally trade in – trading stock certificates, not a stable price instrument, value fluctuates
    • No recourse against those creating the value
    • No one actually owns cryptocurrency
  • Forms of crypto
    • Bitcoin, litecoin, dash, Arc token, proof of stake
  • How many provide service for crypto: All 6 panelists accept crypto in some way, shape, or form
    • Natural solution for selling Kratom
    • Not trackable, value rising, other ways to use crypto beyond the transaction
    • Peer-to-peer transactions that the state cannot censor
    • Non-traceable in theory
  • KYC – Know Your Customer law, customer id verification process
  • AML – Anti-Money Laundering
  • Government building a global economy based on blockchain
  • Wallet can be pseudonymous
  • Public Address = Account Number
  • Private Key = What you need to gain access/control
    • Ensure you are using a wallet (on phone, desktop, hardware)
    • Only you have access to private key
  • Coinbase Wallet has access to your private key
  • Bitcoin & Crypto ATMs across the world – You don’t need to have crypto, just put your cash in and send to the wallet
  • Back up your wallet
    • Seed = 12 word mnemonic phrase
    • Learn one phrase a day until you know them all
    • Write down and place in secure place – scrap steel or aluminum & scratch it in
    • Can export wallet file, or write down private key
    • Install wallet on multiple devices, then use key code to access your file
  • The point of crypto is to actually use it and circumvent the system
  • Just focus on the technology of cryptocurrency
  • Listener questions about the ledger nano, 3d printing, whether to buy gold, silver, or crypto, and how to convince local businesses to accept cryptocurrency

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10 replies
  1. Michael Kalbow
    Michael Kalbow says:

    In this episode I heard a lot of information about the Jaxx Liberty wallet. I was wondering if anyone else in the gaggle had any suggestions for a good crypto wallet.

  2. Ray Brogdon
    Ray Brogdon says:

    Regarding mnemonic phrases, as important as they are, I hate to rely on electronics as they inevitably die. Although they are somewhat of a pain, if you need to write something down in a secure way, use a one-time-pad (OTP) to encrypt what you are writing. If used and managed properly, OTP’s can be of great use for anything that needs to be written down securely.

  3. Leif
    Leif says:

    I wish there was a good video or pod episode for dummies like me on wallets and spending crypto.I’m new to crypto and trying to find the best setup. I’ve been youtubing for hours now and don’t really see a good video. Nearly every wallet video has a different interface (maybe because most of the vids are several years old) than what I download. I heard on the pod you want a 1 key (only you)?? wallet but looking at most comparative sights they don’t list which ones are or aren’t. Is there a way to cheaply spend crypto on a daily basis?? I just made a coinbase acct (then transferred it to coinbase.com wallet for another small fee) and it charged $2.99 to buy $100 of BTC but it wasn’t a flat fee but a % .A 3% loss right off the bat isn’t good. Also it seems like there should be a step by step to ensure you aren’t trackable. Essentially I would love a tutorial on what exactly to get and steps in order to get crypto untrackable and with as little fees as possible. and how to back it up.

  4. Leif
    Leif says:

    edit of previous comment. I transferred from coinbase to bitcoin.com wallet. It seems like everyone says beginners should just go to coinbase.com but then also say they suck because they also have a key, report to the gov’t and have high fees.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      Yeah unfortunately short of trading into crypto the US has limited options for fiat to crypto and coinbase seems to be one of the more stable ones.

  5. John
    John says:

    I heard someone on this podcast say that they believed in KYC and Ross should stay in jail. Who was that? I want to make sure that I ignore anything he has to say in the future. I’ll be more likely to believe the opposite of anything he might suggest.

      • John
        John says:

        I heard someone on this podcast say that they believed in KYC and Ross should stay in jail. Who was that? I want to make sure that I ignore anything he has to say in the future. I’ll be more likely to believe the opposite of anything he might suggest.

      • John
        John says:

        @22:20 ” I don’t believe that Ross Ulbricht should be free” @22:56 “I do believe in KYC for a number of reasons” Both Xavier Hawk. Thank for the help now i know you should be ignored too.


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