Join the gaggle as we discuss homesteading solutions and more with Rob Kaiser!

Join The Gaggle on Wednesday at 4pm Central as we discuss Creation. Do we mean God? Do we mean Molecules? Or do we mean Writing Songs and Art? You have to be there to find out!




Today, The Gaggle discusses how to welcome new goslings to the flock – the newly awoken – those who see what has been there all along for the first time.

Do not miss this one! We will be joined by Rob Kaiser this Wednesday at 4pm Central to talk about homesteading as a solution to opting out of tyranny.

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Join The Gaggle as we discuss the two Americas that are emerging and discuss reality versus reported worlds.

Moderated by John Bush

On this episode

  • Brian Norton
  • Nicole Sauce
  • John Bush
  • Niti Bali
  • Jon Dowie

Join us Wednesday at 4pm Central as we record episode 57.

A Tale of Two Americas: contrasting things in Seattle, WA, with the more open Tennessee (and other places where geese live). What the freedom scene looks like in crackdown places. Brian Norton of Food Forest Farms will be joining the Gaggle full time from Seattle where shit is more locked down than for the rest of us on the podcast.

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