The Gaggle discusses all the things they are not supposed to talk about: The Jab, energetic health, and a bunch of other stuff. Read more

Today, The Gaggle discusses when and how to just get started, when to ask permission. What do the latest developments with Bitcoin being adopted as a currency in El Salvador mean? Did the FBI really hack private keys?

Moderated by Xavier Hawk

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The Gaggle talks fnords: What they are, fnords all around us, why fnords matter, and how to help others see them.

Facilitated by Xavier Hawk and Nicole Sauce

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Today the Gaggle discusses fear and how it stands in your way, as well as ways to get past it. We also welcome Nit Bali to the Gaggle.

Facilitated by Xavier Hawk

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Nicole Sauce invites listeners on to discuss how they came to agorism, decentralized distribution and Xavier Hawk makes a surprise appearance.

Today the Gaggle talks about crypto currency and how and why agorists should tap into this resource, as well as their “picks” for tokens.

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Three members of the Gaggle got together in this episode to freestyle on empowerment for the community.  We discussed Nicole’s recent workshop, John’s coming cryto seminar, the recent D3 summit and more.


Xavier invites community members to a discussion about agorism and the steps they are taking in their lives in this inaugural “What the Flock?” Talk.

Moderated by Xavier Hawk

Today The Gaggle talks podcasting, how to get started, advice on growing your audience and other freedom thoughts.

Moderated by: Xavier Hawk

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Today The Gaggle discusses various ways to get shit done instead of just honking about all the options, all the hows, all the whys. Just get shit done.

Moderated by Xavier Hawk

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