Today The Gaggle talks about entrepreneurship and agorism, as well as their experiences in starting podcasts.

Moderator: Sal the Agorist

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The Gaggle discusses growing food in winter, food growing strategies, why you should grow food and ways to get started if you have never tried.

Moderator: Sal Mayweather

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The Gaggle discusses mental health and its role in living a life of freedom, shares ways they make time for it, and discuss the state of mental health in our culture.

Moderated by Cj Killmer

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The Gaggle talks about alternative social media platforms and decentralized ways to share information — because the big three are out of line.

Moderated by Jack Spirko

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In this episode, The Gaggle talks about the basics of Crypto Currency, different ones you can use, and covers the “why” of using it.

Facilitated by Xavier Hawk

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Today, the Gaggle discusses different kinds of events, developing trusting relationships and expanding community.

Moderated by John Bush

Join the gaggle as we dive into religion, the good and the bad — as well as share our individual philosophies and how it related to agorism. Read more

Today, The Gaggle shares their post election thoughts.

Moderator: Nicole Sauce

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The Gaggle shares how they came to embrace agorism, steps you can take to build it into your life, mistakes they have made along the way, and ideas for the future.

Moderated by John Bush

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Today, The Gaggle takes a solutions-based approach to implementing “counter technology” in your life so that you can protect yourself from control of the technocracy through using crypto currency, barter, developing networks, 3D printing, and self-reliance.

Moderated by Nicole Sauce

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Countering the Technocracy and the idea that we can take tactical, practical steps in our lives to skirt around what is going on in our society.


What are some things you think we should start to implement in our lives right now?

  • Block chain
  • 3D printers
  • Privacy coins
  • Aquaponics
  • Get off social networks

The more we can build our own food security, our own power security, our own decentralized transactional security, then we don’t need “their” systems.

If you want to separate from the technocracy by using crypto what practically should you do?

What about producing instead of consuming?

Where do you see practically integrating bartering into our lifestyles to get around the Technocracy?


Three things everyone should build into their life that are tangible and tactical.

  • Become your own bank, grow your own, get a 3d printer
  • Setting up your own space to grow more than you can eat, invest in alternative assets, i.e., cryptocurrencies, having a mindset of freedom
  • Break the rules, Entrepreneurship, Change your home from consumer to producer, i.e., from home to homestead, Develop skills, Real estate
  • Build your life to feed your heart, spirit and mind,












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