This time four members of the gaggle taken on the food system.  We discuss some of the problems with the existing centralized system and the problems that come from the states intervention.

We then quickly turn to what can be done about it.  The great news is food is one place you can still make a difference rather quickly.  We discuss ways all of us have and do grow food including basic gardening, hydroponics and keeping small livestock.

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  1. Micah
    Micah says:

    I am probably not the only one with this problem.
    I downloaded “telegram”, but I don’t know what to do to use it to connect with folks. Any guidance would be much appreciated!

    • Spirkodamus
      Spirkodamus says:

      Lots of ways to find others but here is a link to our public group, make sure you have it installed on what every device you click the link on.


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