Episode-1 The Gaggle Takes Flight

Meet your Gaggle of hosts! Learn about this group of Agorist thinkers, how they got here, and the problems they most want to see solved in the world. We talk about: Health and healthy living, freedom, food freedom, community, philosophy, farming, law, criminal justice, cryptocurrency and more.

-Moderated by Curtis Stone

On This Episode

Show Notes 

  • Introduction to each host
  • Three things that each host views as problems in our world that will likely become future show topics:
    • Curtis Stone:
      • A world that has a lack of skin in the game
      • A legal system full of problems
      • Massive amounts of environmental problems because people don’t know where their food comes from.
    • Nicole Sauce: 
      • Crime and the Criminal Justice System
      • Poverty & Hunger
      • Fake Community
    • Jack Spirko:
      • Food system as a whole
      • Entrepreneurship & agorism
      • Critical thinking
    • Peter Quinones:
      • Security – not necessarily the police, but staying safe
      • Food
      • Propaganda and being able to flesh it out
    • Vin Armani:
      • Next to nobody views this as the movement of a cycle
      • Next to nobody views this as a natural process that has happened before and will happen again. It’s been documented in every ancient text.
      • Because nobody realizes that, the solutions are holding on and resisting. You hear the word “resistance” a lot. And that it’s a resisting of the turning of the wheel and everyone who resists will be ground under as opposed to those who grab the surfboard and ride this wave that’s a part of nature. 
    • John Bush:
      • Health Freedom & Health Tyranny
      • How divided people are, and that people can’t have a conversation anymore
      • Everyone believes and has been indoctrinated that we need to have the state institution called the government in order to organize society in order to have peace.
      • Public schooling
    • Xavier Hawk
      • Energy resiliency
      • Agricultural resiliency
      • The health & well-being of those who live those systems
  • A short philosophical take by each host on how to embrace the current cycle and ride the wave through it. Embrace the suck.




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35 replies
  1. Jeff Carpenter
    Jeff Carpenter says:

    Great intro episode. (Side note: Recording level was too low. Had to switch output option to get needed volume. Not all were the same. Of course Jack was the loudest.)
    At least in Tennessee, we are being told that there is a coin shortage being initiated by the Federal Reserve. Businesses can’t get needed coin change at the banks.
    I have suspected for some time now that covid my be used as an excuse for switching to a Cashless Society. “Dirty Covid death money” is the excuse. Control of all balances and transactions is the payoff. Never mind that the government can’t pull off an un contested election even though the lottery seems to have success weekly.
    I dread the power play of the cashless society for a myriad of reasons, but I think our population is stupid enough to comply. Can we stop the switch?

  2. Zach Leary
    Zach Leary says:

    Jack, is that you singing the theme song? It’s hard to tell for sure either the editing, but some of it REALLY sounds like Spirko.

  3. Bronwyn Norris
    Bronwyn Norris says:

    Nice!! I am 55, Canadian and watched a Live news clip of an English woman journalist reporting on building 5?7? (the 3rd to fall) BEFORE it actually fell.. it was in the background standing.. no smoke.. no reason I could see for it too… She reported.. then it fell and looked like any Planned demolition I have ever seen..Yes the crew and any watching were shocked.. Within Weeks it was removed from Youtube and I could no longer prove I wasn’t nuts.. LOL

    I have and do believed as many of you do and have been back and forth on my learning and implementing do to kids and business.. The best of which was a grey market for MANY years till it became to popular and the Government found a Ligit way to stop us.. which seriously hurt..lol

    Ice Storm in the 90’s, no power in the city.. yet neighbours, many age groups, all got together in one basement with a wood stove to sleep, cook and share resources for 2 weeks.. Community, family intentional or otherwise is how I was raised.. Fear mongering has Stopped that.. especially for Most parents.. I had a baby and a 3yr old.. Doubt many parents would trust the unknown these days sadly. That’s why stresses are so high for parents in my humble opinion. Leave me alone includes the resources they can’t see at their finger tips. Community is Essential to survival and Sanity. I have currently lived both sides of that coin too :))
    Listen to a few of you already.. though resent.. Happy to have found you all. Awesome Talk! Look forward to more.

  4. terry
    terry says:

    I really like what I hear but cant suggest it to others due to Jacks foul mouth. My conservative freinds and group would not enjoy the f bombs. I do think we need this but I was disappointed in this one aspect. When will folks get moral back? this is one of the mind controls that need to change and it also stems into identity of who you are, strong launguage isnt needed let your yes be yes and your no be know and speak words with meaning. Curtis you should teach because you are so well spoken and are the other speakers.

    • Dawn Sutton
      Dawn Sutton says:

      Terry, the information is more important than your virgin ears. I recommend you and your soft friends watch this informational video on how words are neither good nor bad, but it’s the context in which they’re used that matters: https://youtu.be/jQHN1ipLPdY
      When your head is done spinning on that one, remember that you have the right to decide what you may do or who you care to associate with, but don’t you dare tell anyone else how to live their lives. LEAVE US ALONE!

    • Joe Agora/Tundra/Walker
      Joe Agora/Tundra/Walker says:

      If they can’t get past a few cuss words, they are probably unlikely to hear or understand the message regardless of how benignly it is cloaked.

      It’s past time to admit to ourselves that we can’t save them all. We can only save those who want to be saved.

      Drones are addicted to the state and until they hit rock bottom and admit they have a problem, they cannot be saved.

    • Duke
      Duke says:

      Terry: Is ones choice of words really a moral issue to you? Words only have as much power over you as you allow. If you are offended by words, perhaps you should ask yourself why.

    • Jack Spirko
      Jack Spirko says:

      Terry, can you point me to a place say in the bible where it says, “thou shall not use these words”? Can you?

      Your conservative friends if they are conservatives would likely be far more offended at our distrust of the state and our bent toward anarchy then any individual word anyway. Should we pass a law to prevent people from saying some words, would that make your friends happy?

      Here is another idea for a law, most conservatives think cannabis is bad. So let’s pass a law that says that anyone or grows, possesses or consumes a plant should be locked in a cage for doing so. You know to “restore morality”.

      Wait we did that already didn’t we. Bluntly anyone offended by any word can go do that word to themselves. If you want watered down BS and nicey nice, don’t go to a gaggle of geese for it.

      • MARIE EWAN
        MARIE EWAN says:

        I got bets going on on the semi truck with the hubby on who drops f bomb first. Jack your letting me down dude……

    • Michael
      Michael says:

      Hi Terry, I sent Jack an email similarly years ago and he pointed me to his policy on language use on the TSP website. I have been an MSB member and have recommended this podcast to many since then. When I recommend it to my fellow anti-swearers I let them know so they choose where to listen to it. I share this with my 14 and 16 year olds who already hear much much worse from their friends.

      Not everybody lives in my perfect world where people are guided by God, smoking & drinking & swearing don’t exist, but I can tell you that TSP has and I am sure Unloose the Goose will make me a better father and church member.

      I was also the oddball in my basic training that wouldn’t swear, and I survived. You will make it too and keep your morals.

      • Spirkodamus
        Spirkodamus says:

        Sounds like you have a PhD in freedom!

        Have you ever noticed no one that say cusses tells you you are wrong for not cussing? Interesting thing to note in my opinion. Glad you get a lot out of what we do.

  5. Dub Hirst
    Dub Hirst says:

    Listened to your first episode this morning while cleaning one of our cabins that we rent through Airbnb. My biggest “b*tch” at this moment is that the State of Texas forced Henderson County to raise the property taxes to be more in line with the “State’s” idea of what it should be. They spread it out over two years and thus far our taxes as gone up 685% ($7,500) Thank goodness for our two cabins, because our Social Security and Pension would barely cover the increase. LEAVE US ALONE!!

  6. Dawn Sutton
    Dawn Sutton says:

    I would really like to hear more on agorism and setting up markets and other community needs outside of the current systems. Are there any good ones already available? If not, how would one set one up in their area? How would you keep it from devolving into another Silk Road? How would you protect it from interference?

    • Joe Agora/Tundra/Walker
      Joe Agora/Tundra/Walker says:

      I think it helps to look at Agorism as a lifestyle. Take lessons from the poor. They are agorists because they need to be to survive.

      You don’t have to be 100% off grid. In fact, that would be counter productive. Your ultimate goal is to survive (thrive if you can) and use whatever resources are available.

      The trick is to always look to minimize your contributions to the ‘SYSTEM(S)’ while taking from them, as much as you can, with the ultimate goal of self sufficiency.

      At least, that’s how I see Agorism…one voluntary, un taxed, transaction at a time.

  7. Debra
    Debra says:

    a suggestion for a topic to begin with.
    Education on nutrition and alternative health options. Moving away from a disease management process to a prevention lifestyle that improves and maintains healthy living. Ways to circumvent the constant blocking of information that people need to make good choices. The system has “pub med” to tell you everything you want to know about standard of care medicines.
    How could a Grey Market work around the system to deliver accurate and valuable information on uses of alternatives? The only way around this now it to talk about “your experience” with a product or method or at some point someone shows up to shut you down or fine you for practicing medicine. I know all the language required to get around this, however, it is very difficult to convince an individual to make a change when you are prevented from sharing real fact based information. I currently belong to a group that has a closed forum, where we share information and results on all types of health concerns. It is not a FB group but a private website forum. There are over 25 years of incredible threads of information. I have to be very careful how I communicate the information. I have gotten around some of this by working directly with Veterinarians using a holistic approach to help people with tough cases. Unfortunately, they are out of options by that point and are willing to do anything to help their animal. The same is true of helping humans, very few medical doctors will even consider the options.

    • Joe Agora/Tundra/Walker
      Joe Agora/Tundra/Walker says:

      I think part of the problem is making the issues of de-stating one’s self, too grand a concept.

      These guys are an invaluable resource which, ironically, we couldn’t partake if the overlords hadn’t gone out of their way to cybernetically connect us all.

      The ‘Grey Market’ is all around us. It’s as simple as buying stuff at a farmer’s market…or straight from a farmer, looking in the classifieds for trades people who will work for cash or barter or even getting a crappy old, used RV, and stocking it up as a bug out base on wheels.

      We ARE the grey market.

  8. Curt Wall
    Curt Wall says:

    Jack and Crew,
    Loved the show and so very excited to see what it has to offer in the future. A few topics i’m very interested in hearing and learning more about-

    CryptoCurrency- How to get involved, how to use it, how to use it in grey markets, tax situations etc. How can business’ accept it?

    Food- Farming from zero… Where does one start to begin the journey of growing food from zero with virgin ground to be able to help offset what they purchase? For example.. most people know they eat tomato’s, broccoli, zuchini etc. But thats just the surface, theres a million different kinds of each variety, do you start from seed? There is a plethora of info on TSP and i’ve been working through it but a recap, or beginners journey is always helpful.

    Networking/Community linking….. I love this topic for this group. HOW can we get like minded people together in a local area? Suggestions for platforms, ways to meet people without coming off as tinfoil hat etc. How can people who follow this new podcast interact and discuss things?

    Lastly, just some critiques for the show. Would love to see links to each of the hosts content to follow up on. I honestly only knew about Jack so i’m very intrigued by the others in the group and want to learn more and see what they put out.

    Is the podcast available on Spotify and or Google Podcast?

    Thanks again to everyone and looking forward to the future!

  9. Penny
    Penny says:

    Loved all the discussion and am looking forward to more. As a long time listener of Jack’s podcast, I’m not that familiar with most of the other guests by voice only and found it somewhat hard to know who was speaking (other than Nicole who stood out as a the only female and Vin who’s voice was somewhat distinctive). Any chance that there would be a non disruptive way for identifying the speakers?

  10. Joe Agora/Tundra/Walker
    Joe Agora/Tundra/Walker says:

    Damn. If I would have only scrolled down another inch, I would have noticed the video. “No…I am Boomer”. Mind both blown and energized. Love all y’all and just met (cybernetically) some of you.

    I’ve been saying to whomever was standing still long enough, is that we are the same bald apes that survived ‘10,000 years ago in a cave near you’. Well, not quite. We are orders of magnitude stupider than those cave people. The smartest of their decedents, are heading back to the caves.

    The shit going on today is what happens when critical thinking is no longer a survival trait. Anybody with a brain KNOWS that we are currently on the downswing in the endless cycle of ‘civilized’ humanity. It’s the ’empire falling’ stage. The smart ones (as was mentioned) are quietly packing up their stores of knowledge and building hidden monasteries in the hills, safe from the inevitable fallout when the cities take themselves out.

    Blitzkrieg worked because generals knew that the cities aren’t important. They don’t produce a single thing that anybody needs. EVERYTHING the city needs (everybody needs) comes from the country. A couple of people sick of it all, a cube of beer, a couple of rifles and some ATV’s are all that’s required to turn a city into a blacked out ‘Escape from New York’ wasteland.

    Human brains grew because every decision, every day, was life or death. Nothing hones a mind like survival. Today, life is so easy that ‘THEY’ have to manufacture fake enemies and existential threats, and the vast majority is so dumbed down that despite painfully obvious evidence, they believe the threats are real…EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    Official Libertarianism went off the rails when it deluded itself that facts mattered to humans. Oy. We arrogantly believe that we are logical beings. How wrong we are. We are emotional beasts that only use logic to rationalize and justify our emotional decisions. We do shit because it feels right, not because it is right.

    Overlords have always known that, which is at the core of how they convince us (against ALL previously taught social norms) to have ourselves and our loved ones murder and be murdered, just because they say so.


    The problem isn’t humanity. It’s civilization.

    Thanks so much for doing this, guys.

  11. Roy Ramey
    Roy Ramey says:

    Excellent first episode. You all are s great panel and I cant wait to hear and learn more.

    Next or future episodes. As food, water and shelter are the foundation of our basic needs, that would seem prudent to discuss this in the next episode. How to see to these needs in an agorist manner. I pretty well know where Jack and Nicole see to this but would love to hear the perspective from the others.

    Then on a near future episode, I’d like to hear more about how to earn needed income for the things you need money for while keeping the govt goons at bay and out of your business.

    Also on a future episode, I’d like to hear details of how to set up and use crypto accounts in a way that is totally anonymous and cannot be traced back to the owner. From anonymous email addresses to account naming, to wallets, to how to accept and send payments anonymously.

    Also on a future episode, or 2, I’d like to hear how the panel responds to Jack’s concept of a virtual nation and how they might establish such. Include how to actually operate autonomously as a seperate sovereign nation so existing physical governments could not fuck with you as a soveriegn independent nation.


  12. Karen Webb
    Karen Webb says:

    Interested in all the possible topics, but really interested in the network/community building issue. Don’t want to get too personal here but I think it helps explain what I mean and I’m sure there are plenty of other ‘old loners with resources’ out there in similar situations. I’m a 61 year old female retired from DoD (civ) and have no family. I’ve been a hobby dog breeder/exhibitor for 30+ years and am now trying to become more ‘professional’ but maintaining my good reputation and ethics. Dogs need to pay for themselves at this point. My goal is to move out of California, get a homestead property with fields & ponds for the dogs to enjoy & train on AND implement permaculture practices/businesses. Obviously, I can’t do all this myself and I need to partner with entrepreneurial-oriented people, or ‘adopt’ a family(!?!), with similar goals. Being an independent introvert makes this hard and I’m not sure where to start or how to go about it so that both sides are comfortable/’protected’ and that we don’t end up in a bad situation (legal documents/agreements?). I hope I have another 10, 15, 20 years with the dogs, but my long-term goal would be for someone to eventually ‘take over my lines’ and I’d like to have helped develop a property that could support a number of people if necessary.
    Side-note job idea: set up a service to unite, handle legalities, “coach”(?), etc., for people in similar situations.

  13. Bob in NM
    Bob in NM says:

    I have listened to TSPC for ~10 years so I am familiar with his stance on most things. I am interested in hearing alternatives or additions to his points. My big issues are:
    1) food – How to decentralize food processing agribusinesses from controlling the Grocery chain.
    2) Energy – the power grid and big oil control most of what we can do.
    3) entertainment industry- This is the biggest indoctrination tool since the public school system. Even Dancing with the Stars fires Tom Bergeron, an old white male and replaced him with Tyra Banks, a younger Black Female. Combatting that influence will be hard.

    Thank you all, I look forwards to seeing how this endeavor progresses.

  14. Derek
    Derek says:

    Has there not been an rss feed added yet? Or am I just not seeing it? I’d like to go ahead and add this to my podcatcher before I forget.

  15. Kari
    Kari says:

    Wow! I’m floored. This is exactly what we need right now! All of my favorite people with real time experience and solutions. I will BRAVE up and act my part! Thank you, thank you for this. 🙂 Aside from Derrick Broze not being present I believe this congregation is perfect.

  16. Greg
    Greg says:

    Love the new podcast you guys!!!

    We definitely need more dialogue like this, exploring different solutions that can be expanded on.

    Thanks for putting this together, I can’t wait to have more inspiration to keep moving forward with our “intentional community”.

    Great 1st meeting!

  17. Allen Chase
    Allen Chase says:

    Loved episode 1. Trying to establish my own regenerative community in Alaska. I like social distancing. I think that is one of the best things to come out of the “China virus”. But I want to do it on my own terms and not be forced to do it from somebody that pulled it out of his or hers 5th point of contact. I also like the basic principles of DO NO HARM and LEAVE ME ALONE. Thank you all for this cell.


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