Episode 000 – The Gaggle

Unloose the Goose is a podcast that was founded to bring great minds together to solve big problems that face our societies today. We aim to talk about what CAN BE without being fettered by what currently is so that viable solutions can be found that do not rely on the bad foundations of what has been tried — and failed.

Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast provides the overview.

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  1. Carson Liebenow
    Carson Liebenow says:

    Good intro but as a Christian but also a volunteerist because of influence and information from Jack the jerk. It will be a great podcast with some great minds but I won’t like the cussin. May God Bless y’all

    • Jack Spirko
      Jack Spirko says:

      Hey honest question is there a group of “cuss words” that one can look up in the bible?

      Seriously hope you enjoy it and based on last night I am not the one you have the most to worry about in this regard anyway. ;>)

  2. DaveC
    DaveC says:

    Sounds like a great opportunity for growth and learning. Another iteration of an Expert Council only instead of dealing with areas unique to them individually, they’re bringing their skillsets together to address ideas and issues.

  3. JBLaxDad
    JBLaxDad says:

    Great stuff folks! Loved episodes 0 and 1.

    I think a great subject for one of your first topical podcasts would be ‘reasons to stay white-pilled’ and hopeful about the future.

    We see so many folks go straight from red-pill to black, and just get stuck on the corruption, hopelessness, and ignorance that surrounds us. So many An-caps just go straight to the bitter and hateful route and get stuck in the problems without ever bothering to think about solutions. We so rarely hear any good or hopeful news, even though all the nonsense around us doesnt need to consume or define our lives.

    What are the reasons (if any) for you folks stay positive about our society, to keep finding the bright side of things, despite all the bullshit.

    • Jack Spirko
      Jack Spirko says:

      Well we do plan to grow the team but one thing we pretty much are on lock step on is that all solutions are outside of the state. Sam is a good dude with some great insightss but he is also a committed to the right side of the dichotomy and I don’t find him to be a good fit for what we do. Perhaps a guest for some things but not a team member.

      For growing the team we are pretty committed to one real requirement, this is an agorist solutions podcast. We all disagree on a lot but we agree on one thing, what an actual free market is.

      As to any new members we are going to do about 4-5 episodes and develop as a group, get our chemistry going and then start having some guests on and from those we will select new members. The process is going to be pretty competitive. As it should be.

      No disrespect to Sam, or anyone but anyone vested in either side the political system just is not a good fit. This is not TSP 2.0 here, it is a totally separate thing. I hope that makes sense.

  4. Door man
    Door man says:

    I have learned a lot from Jack over the past few years and just started listening to Nicole. I can’t wait to get to know the others on this team. Sounds like y’all have something good going on here .


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