Episode 17-Gaggling On the Election

Today, The Gaggle shares their post-election thoughts.

Moderated by Nicole Sauce



John Bush: https://livefreenow.podbean.com/

Nicole Sauce: https://www.livingfreeintennessee.com/

Xavier Hawk: https://phireon.com/


Show Notes:- 

It was “The Most Important Election of Our Lifetime!”

Trump represents departure from Bush/Clinton crime family and New World Order, but he still stacked his administration with legacy people

Trump put a wrench in the NWO plan

Sense that this was the last presidency

Right out of the Communist Playbook

Media essentially a branch of the DNC and constantly undermining Trump

What is wrong with you? You didn’t vote? You don’t think MY candidate is better?

Willingness to attack and bully people

People did not read their history and do not realize what is happening 

Recall of the chicanery that happened: Sharpiegate, 4am votes for Biden



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Davos, https://www.weforum.org/events/

Agenda 21, https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/outcomedocuments/agenda21

Freedom Cells, https://freedomcells.org/

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4 replies
  1. Jim B
    Jim B says:

    Just to confirm since I live in New Zealand.. None of us are in concentration camps. There are no forced vaccinations. And we have had SFA covid (since we’re a little island country at the bottom of the world). There is literally zero chance of our Govt being able to do the stuff to NZers that you guys are suggesting

    • Spirkodamus
      Spirkodamus says:

      First you are on uber lock downs, next we spoke about Australia here not NZ.

      No one said you were in concentration camps, you can’t have mandatory vaccines because there is not yet a vaccine but 10to1 you will have them.

      • Jim B
        Jim B says:

        We’re not under any lockdown at all within NZ. Our boarders are closed to non citizens (easy with the big moat around us)
        Agree you spoke about Aus after.. but comparing us to them is like comparing USA to Canada.
        We’ve never had compulsory vaccinations here; and most of us would go ape-shit if our govt tried (even the ones who voted for thile current mob)

        • Jim B
          Jim B says:

          .. and to confirm.. Ya’ll did specifically say that NZers were being sent to concentration camps which is false (unless you were referring to our public school system)


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