Episode 18-Religion and Spirituality

Join The Gaggle as they dive into religion, the good and the bad – as well as share our individual philosophies and how they relate to agorism.

Moderated by Peter R. Quinones and Nicole Sauce


Peter Quinones: https://freemanbeyondthewall.libsyn.com/

Jack Spirko: http://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/

Nicole Sauce: https://www.livingfreeintennessee.com/

Xavier Hawk: https://phireon.com/


Show Notes:

What are they drinking?

Nicole – Lyre’s Fake Whiskey mixed with fizzy water

Spirko – Heather, chamomile, elderflower tea

X – Kratom & tequila

Religion and spirituality bring community

Everyone is looking for some form of authority, either a person or belief, fallback vehicle when people don’t agree with government

Definitions, courtesy of Jack

Gnostic – statement of belief; Means “To know”

Agnostic – NOT Atheist light; statement of belief; Means “To not know”

Atheist – lack belief in a god or gods; can still have faith

Deist – believe in some higher power, but don’t know what it is

Theist – faith based on theology

How can you have faith if you have knowledge? Faith requires the absence of knowledge

You don’t need to have faith if you are looking for knowledge

Why do they all believe in something, if none are atheists

Was the church set up to be a control system?

Does love exist?

Suggestions on where to go in your spirituality journeys



Mormon Church Welfare System, http://newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org/topic/welfare-and-self-reliance

Tabula Rasa, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tabula_rasa

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dietrich_Bonhoeffer

Declaration of Independence, https://www.archives.gov/founding-docs/declaration-transcript

Phireon, https://phireon.com/

Where Does Morality Come From, http://moderndeist.org/where-does-morality-come-from

Men Too Gentle to Live Among Wolves, https://www.amazon.com/There-Gentle-Live-Among-Wolves/dp/1878995138

God Lives, https://www.amazon.com/God-Lives-Religious-Spiritual-Freedom/dp/1878995219

Illusions, https://www.amazon.com/Illusions-Adventures-Reluctant-Richard-Bach/dp/0440204887

Jonathan Livingston Seagull, https://www.amazon.com/Jonathan-Livingston-Seagull-Richard-Bach/dp/0743278909



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6 replies
  1. Tim Buckner
    Tim Buckner says:

    I have heard an interesting take on God in the old testament. It seems from a hermetic stance that there were two Gods El and Jehovah. El was the compasionate God where Jehovah was a war like god. The king james version of the bible was edited by Ezra to replace all versions of El with Jehovah. Kinda makes sense to me due to the schizophrenic nature of God in the old testament. At times he is merciful and other times a 12 year old having a tantrum. This seems to be done to meld God into one thing taking out the duality and giving kings power. Just a thought.

  2. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Check out Dr. Joe Dispenza…. Becoming Supernatural. Accessing the power within.
    Also, Gregg Braden’s work speaks to spiritualy.
    Lynn McTaggart the power of 8
    All speak to the power of thaught, intentions, prayer and meditation.

  3. Jon Pryce
    Jon Pryce says:

    Listening to people talk about the bible and Christianity who have the most bad faith arguments and no concept of exegesis or higher textual criticism is so incredibly cringe and smoothbrained. Also nobody in the faith is debating whether Bonhoeffer is good because he disagreed with nazism. What insane boomer shit is this

    • Spirkodamus
      Spirkodamus says:

      The only people I know of who are regularly offended by people who don’t share their beliefs simply stating so and why are Christians and Muslims.

  4. Andy
    Andy says:

    As a Christian I have eventually come to believe that actually following Jesus’ teachings (rather than the teachings of a church/denomination/religion) would lead one towards the Anarchist/Libertarian direction, rather than away from it. Some podcasts and websites I’ve found encouraging in that direction that you could pass on to your friend who said they couldn’t become an anarchist because they were a Christian:

    Libertarian Christian Institute (articles & podcast)
    AnarchoChristian (podcast & blog)
    Rival Nations (articles)
    GodArchy (podcast & blog)


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