Episode-7 The Gaggle Answers Your Questions

In this our 7th episode we take some time and answer questions from the audience. We have a big variety today and it includes things like homeschooling, permaculture, poultry management, building community, counter economics, vaccines, home births, essential skills, investing in preps and more.

-Moderated by Xavier Hawk

On this episode

Show Notes:

  • How can parents who use government school, such as single mom, get homeschool done instead?
  • What is each of the hosts doing now to create resilient communities for harder times?
  • What do the hosts know about Eastern Europe and liberty prospects in the EU in general?
  • How important is the necessity of home birth going to be in the coming decade?
  • What resources do you have available for learning Permaculture?
  • What crops to start in a cold climate in the fall or late summer, i.e., zone 5?
  • What are three skills you think everyone should have for the next couple of years?
    • Sal Mayweather
      • Financial competency
      • How to build a gun
      • Know how to grow your own food
    • John Bush
      • Know how to grow your own food
      • Knowing how to defend yourself
      • Having good people skills to build value and interact peaceably – diplomacy
    • Jack Spirko
      • Critical thinking
      • Learn how to make alcohol and distill it
      • Learn how to reload ammo and bullet-casting
    • Nicole Sauce
      • Critical thinking
      • Reading, and being able to read well – reading comprehension
      • Relationships – learn to develop real relationships with those around you
    • Xavier Hawk
      • Situational Awareness
      • De-escalation
      • Demonstrating your value in a short amount of time – your value elevator pitch
    • If you could buy one or two things to further personal liberty, excluding crypto, seeds and ammo, what would they be?
      • 3D printer
      • Unregistered firearm
      • Property
      • Emergency Fund
      • What can you buy that’s worth more than you’d spend on it
      • Motorcycle – freedom of movement
    • How do I discourage my chickens from laying under the roosting bars?
    • Good places or states to move if you’re not tied down to anyone place – what is your favourite state for freedom & agorism?

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3 replies
  1. Sue O’Sullivan
    Sue O’Sullivan says:

    This and the last episode is so relevant right now. I live in MA and have been assisting a friend who is suing in Federal court against the unconstitutional Shut down and mask mandate (case to be heard on 10/5) He has decided to take on the Mandated Flu vaccine also with his legal team. We have a Facebook page full of parents from both sides of the aisle wanting to fight this. If interested, It’s called Flu You Baker. I’m going to share your last podcast to our over 8,000 members and suggest they listen to this one also.

    Thanks for doing such a great podcast.

    Chainsaw Sue.


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