Episode-8 Urban Areas and Land Use Planning

Today the Gaggle takes on cities and all that is good and bad about them. We look at the use of zoning and planning to control the population and the latest incarnation of this known as Agenda 21. We also welcome a special guest for some historical context, Prof CJ from the Dangerous History Podcast.

-Moderated by Nicole Sauce

On this episode

Show Notes:

  • What do you see as the flaw in urban living, vis a visibility in someone’s life
  • Cities have forced people into unnatural alliances – goes against human nature
  • Rigid restrictions – zoning & rent control – reduce options & capabilities for people to innovate
  • Relying on other people for safety and sustenance in the cities – it just doesn’t make any sense
  • What is the ideal population size?
  • In modern society, why is every large city dramatically Democratic to a level of socialist liberalism?
  • Why do we have such a mindset of “We must be taken care of”
    • Cities represented safety protection and the opportunity provided to you by resources brought from somewhere else
  • “Average person can know about 200 people and actually know them in their community – beyond that, you stop knowing people.” Toby Hemenway
  • Is this a uniquely American problem?
  • CJ – history on the Progressive era
    • Progressivism – came from urban areas
    • Populism – came from more rural areas
  • You have access to goods & services in the city you don’t have in rural areas
  • The ideal size of a city?
  • Are there extreme gaps of socioeconomic status in a city?
  • Agenda 21
    • United Nations program – originated 1992 at Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit, Bush 41 signed on to it
    • Series of recommendations, controls, theories (sustainable development) – cities, states, national governments implement top-down controls to benefit the environment
    • 3 Es
      • Equity
      • Environment
      • Economy
      • Bring equality for all three
    • Global Biodiversity Assessment – how to implement Agenda 21
      • To maintain the current level of population, all have to live as serfs
      • To maintain current standard of living, have to reduce population
    • Wildlands Project
      • Create wildlife corridors
      • Have humans in compact cities with wildlife travelling in a more natural state around the cities
    • Gerrymandering
    • Public Transportation – it doesn’t take you where you want to be
    • 2 classes – Plundered Class & the Plunderers
    • Goods, services, education, opportunity – what brought people to cities in the first place; now we have the internet that brings that all everywhere
    • Why are so many upset that The Gaggle is telling everyone to get out of the cities?
    • “Nothing is so unsustainable as a city…it’s number one export is garbage.” Bill Mollison

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