Episode 11-Intentional Communities and Agorism

Today, The Gaggle as they discusses intentional communities. What does The Gaggle think of them, and what are some examples of communities that work? We contemplate Home Owner Associations and how to handle natural internal conflicts within intentional communities.

Moderated by Xavier Hawk

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Show Notes:


What do you think about intentional communities as a whole?
Nicole lives in one in the Holler: they all listen to podcast, have the same philosophical alignment, eat dinner together every night
John – it’s easier said than done, many have failed, many have a dream of some sort of intentional community living
Jack – why is it not successful more often; how much has to do with unrealistic expectations; Village Homes in CA; workshop topic: how to design a city of 20K; doesn’t trust HOAs – should be severely limited; Paul Wheaton in Montana
Xavier – Discussed three different communities;
Have a reserve fund of money – monthly dues don’t just cover exactly what is needed
Everyone says they don’t work, but they all know of at least 3 to 4 that do
HOA v. Intentional Community
Special Economic Zones, Private Cities, SeaSteads
Smart Cities – technocratic, fascist nightmares
“Because everyone is responsible, no one is responsible”
Where is the balance where everyone has a say and a stake
Build community around a business – not just the community member revenue, it generates its own income
Need an aspect of private property or ownership
Right of first refusal
Our online communities are anarchist dictatorships – ban hammer
How to handle and resolve conflict
The Holler is an “Unintentional” Community
Need some form of governance
Churches are successful intentional communities

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