Ep 22-Mental Health

The Gaggle discusses mental health and its role in living a life of freedom, shares ways they make time for it, and discuss the state of mental health in our culture.

Moderated by Cj Killmer

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  1. Joe Herndon
    Joe Herndon says:

    Just watched this weeks episode #22. UTG May have found its wings during this episode. The best so far in my opinion. Wonderfully honest and difficult to overstate the positive impact. Thank you for sharing your struggles and ideas for how to cope. Something very therapeutic about realizing we all struggle daily with to manage our mental health and mental momentum/ energy. Great job CJ. I encourage all TSP family to take the time over the holidays to watch this episode. It will prepare you well to take on 2021 at your full speed. Merry Christmas everyone.

  2. E
    E says:

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences with dealing and preparing for the changes. In the beginning Xavier Hawk shares that he communicated to his friends and family what they need to have and how to prepare if they want to come to his farm for refuge. Xavier, would you mind sharing the letter including the list of things and actions that would assure you that the survival of your guests will not become your sole responsibility?

      • E
        E says:

        Thank you! If there’s time, it would be great to hear some of your thoughts about how to skillfully phrase it so not to alienate or offend people – i’m thinking in terms of abundance as opposed to a scarcity model but also keeping it realistic. Looking forward to the podcast


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