Today, the Gaggle discusses how mindset impacts everything and questions the Law of Attraction

Moderated by John Bush

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John poses the questions:

  • What is your opinion of the law attraction?

  • What kind of goal setting do you use to achieve success?

  • What one thing can people do to manifest a free society?




Join the Gaggle as we take listener questions about integrating agorism into your life.

Moderated by: Nicole Sauce

On This Episode:

The gaggle managed to assemble for this episode despite three of us going though power outages and frozen pipes in the current massive cold front rocking the south.    The show notes are brief today as Nicole Sauce is once again without power, but trust us, there is plenty of power in this episode.

Xavier invites community members to a discussion about agorism and the steps they are taking in their lives in this inaugural “What the Flock?” Talk.

Moderated by Xavier Hawk



Xavier Hawk:

Show Notes:-

X invited audience members from the Telegram chats to join him for a Q&A this evening. The guests discussed their journeys to agorism, what brought them to ULG, and what skills they are looking to learn.

Special thanks to: Josh P., Josh V., Kristina, Natasha, Brian, Russell, and Dylan for joining X on this one!




JM Bullion,

Survival Podcast,

Living Free in Tennessee,










Curtis Stone comes out of hiding to rejoin the Gaggle as we discuss how to establish a solutions-based approach to community, and how to set a positive culture within it.

Moderated by Curtis Stone


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Show Notes:- 

  • Curtis poses the question: How to keep your community on track while the world falls apart?
  • Jack: let the members just naturally break off into smaller groups that do things in real life
  • Nicole: it’s up to the leaders to set the tone for what’s appropriate. Redirect the conversation when it starts to derail.
  • John: try to be as hands-off as possible, but put out a purpose for the group, then eliminate bad players.
  • Sal: community comes from economic engagement and you can’t force people to participate and it falls back to leadership to keep it on track.
  • Curtis: How do we move these communities from online to in real life? When it really comes down to it, who’s around you.
  • John: Doing stuff, not just meeting. That’s what helps build a bond. At the meeting you stress that it’s not about the meeting, what we do in between is what’s important. Give action items, inspire them, create sub-groups to specialize learning and doing.
  • Nicole: Don’t be upset if you only have 4 people show up for the first meeting. It will grow.
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The Gaggle talks about their thoughts of late, social unrest, historical parallels, societal changes, to leave or not to leave, personal responsibility and more.

Moderator: Nicole Sauce

Note: Nicole said the wrong episode number in the introduction

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Today The Gaggle talks about entrepreneurship and agorism, as well as their experiences in starting podcasts.

Moderator: Sal the Agorist

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The Gaggle discusses growing food in winter, food growing strategies, why you should grow food and ways to get started if you have never tried.

Moderator: Sal Mayweather

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