Ep 25-The Gaggle Talks Turkey (A Variety Show)

The Gaggle talks about their thoughts of late, social unrest, historical parallels, societal changes, to leave or not to leave, personal responsibility and more.

Moderator: Nicole Sauce

Note: Nicole said the wrong episode number in the introduction

On This Episode

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  1. Kent reichle
    Kent reichle says:

    CJ, around 43:00 you mention inflation with a 2×4 not being a 2×4 anymore. I have heard, I can’t remember the source exactly I was researching home sawmills and looking into trees for building etc., that 2×4 are the size of the wet wood right after it comes out of the mill and during the drying process it shrinks. What is your knowledge of the 2×4 shrinking more specifically? My point is it may not be monetary inflation of getting less wood for the same price.



  2. Cliff Blackmore
    Cliff Blackmore says:

    I appreciate what you guys are trying to do. It’s getting weird everywhere. Some of us in Kansas are trying to find a way to greater freedom. Keep opening minds.


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