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In this our 7th episode we take some time and answer questions from the audience. We have a big variety today and it includes things like homeschooling, permaculture, poultry management, building community, counter economics, vaccines, home births, essential skills, investing in preps and more.

-Moderated by Xavier Hawk

On this episode

Show Notes:

  • How can parents who use government school, such as single mom, get homeschool done instead?
  • What is each of the hosts doing now to create resilient communities for harder times?
  • What do the hosts know about Eastern Europe and liberty prospects in the EU in general?
  • How important is the necessity of home birth going to be in the coming decade?
  • What resources do you have available for learning Permaculture?
  • What crops to start in a cold climate in the fall or late summer, i.e., zone 5?
  • What are three skills you think everyone should have for the next couple of years?
    • Sal Mayweather
      • Financial competency
      • How to build a gun
      • Know how to grow your own food
    • John Bush
      • Know how to grow your own food
      • Knowing how to defend yourself
      • Having good people skills to build value and interact peaceably – diplomacy
    • Jack Spirko
      • Critical thinking
      • Learn how to make alcohol and distill it
      • Learn how to reload ammo and bullet-casting
    • Nicole Sauce
      • Critical thinking
      • Reading, and being able to read well – reading comprehension
      • Relationships – learn to develop real relationships with those around you
    • Xavier Hawk
      • Situational Awareness
      • De-escalation
      • Demonstrating your value in a short amount of time – your value elevator pitch
    • If you could buy one or two things to further personal liberty, excluding crypto, seeds and ammo, what would they be?
      • 3D printer
      • Unregistered firearm
      • Property
      • Emergency Fund
      • What can you buy that’s worth more than you’d spend on it
      • Motorcycle – freedom of movement
    • How do I discourage my chickens from laying under the roosting bars?
    • Good places or states to move if you’re not tied down to anyone place – what is your favourite state for freedom & agorism?

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