Episode 14-Spreading Freedom

In this episode the gaggle discusses the best ways to communicate the spirit of freedom and agorism with the uninitiated. We cover everything from living by example, to beating in the skulls of the sheeple with facts… gently.


On this episode



The Gaggle shared their personal experiences with those who don’t know about agorism

Resentment towards the media

Overly negative trolls online tend to not go to in-person events – anonymity is their shield

Tips & Tricks

  • Be polite & treat others with respect
  • Ignore ad hominem attacks – only respond to the non-insults
  • Don’t try to convince others
  • Push vs. Pull Marketing
  • Speak in terms of other people’s interests
  • Know your audience and how to speak to people
  • Know how to pick your battles
  • Don’t tailor message to appeal to masses – focus on organizing those of like-minds
  • Dan Kennedy – 3 elements to successful marketing: Message, Market, Media
    • Don’t spend too much time communicating to the wrong market
  • Diversify tactics
  • Light the fire and your people will come

How would you market this kind of community to rich preppers?

Liberland, Galt’s Gulch

Majority of people do not want freedom

CJ gives a quick breakdown on the collapse of the Roman Empire

Live the life you want to live regardless of what is going on around you

Top 3 Ways to Share Freedom:

  • Don’t call them sheep to their face
  • Don’t insult them
  • Share facts in a way that is appealing: Be the trendsetter



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David Friedman Machinery of Freedom How to Win Friends and Influence Others by Dale Carnegie: https://www.amazon.com/How-Win-Friends-Influence-People/dp/0671027034

The Political Brain by Drew Weston: https://www.amazon.com/Political-Brain-Emotion-Deciding-Nation-ebook/dp/B0049MPKAU

Freedom Cells: https://freedomcells.org/

Star Trek First Contact: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0117731/

New Libertarian Manifesto by Samuel Konkin: https://www.amazon.com/Libertarian-Manifesto-Samuel-Edward-Konkin/dp/0977764923

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