Ep 50-Caring for Your Health

Today, The Gaggle discusses health care solutions they are using in their own lives, as well as what we should be building for the future.

Moderated by Nicole Sauce

On this episode:


What is everyone drinking

Newsbuster: Duct Tape and Afghanistan

Health Care Options
From a listener: I would like to hear what the gaggle does about health insurance and health care rather than take the advice of my agent who has me on a $1000/month plan.

Cash Clinics
Subscription Medicine
Medical Tourism
Catastrophic plans
Own your health
Weight and diet
Herbal options

Freedom Medicine Network

Snooker the Goose

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  1. John P Smajda
    John P Smajda says:

    I’m gonna “spam” this reply in two areas of your feed.
    I want to rename the system that the Gaggle was railing against. We cant just keep using their words like “Conventional Medicine” or “Western Medicine” or “Modern Medicine” The best I came up with is “Government Medicine” or “Government Health Care”. I’m not a marketing genius though so maybe you can come up with something better.

    When we use these terms, (“Conventional Medicine” or “Western Medicine” or “Modern Medicine”) we are often think we are referring to an all encompassing apparatus where first well nations and peoples did the major innovations on in the last century or two. However there are also exceptions to that definition, as we don’t usually lump in or think of Chiropractic health, ancestral health STRATEGIES, or other outlier developments that have occurred in that same time frame and geographic location.

    We also do not lump in any kind of herbalism or other traditional health related practices that that had been developed in the west when we say Western Medicine. In those cases, the word “western” is being used interchangeably with “conventional”.

    The best I came up with is “Government Medicine” or “Government Health Care”, because that is what it is. I want to use the word Fascistic, but I don’t think that will be conducive to meaningful dialogue despite it being the most accurate word.
    When people use these terms; “conventional”; “western”; or “modern” medicine, I think we ought to correct them and say you mean “government medicine?”. It is subsidized on every single level. It’s granted licensure, and endorsed by them. There are penalties including jail time (not just civil penalties) for malpractice or defying it. It is Propagandized by the government as well.

    The Problem with only branding it “Government” medicine or healthcare is that it doesn’t quite late enough culpability on these mega/big Pharma corporations.

  2. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    I’m a nurse working in NJ. When the mandates started, I figured I’d just pick up and move, as we were planning on moving in a couple years anyway. Then hospitals all over the country started mandating it.
    I would be very interested in the Freedom Network.


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