Join us for a discussion on community, what it is, how it can work in a digitally changing environment and explore state imposed “community” vs real ones.

-Moderated by John Bush

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Show Notes

  • 2 types of people in this world – those who want to be left alone and those who just won’t leave you alone
  • Participate in small affinity groups, mutual aid groups, freedom cells
  • Problem is what is happening with the global culture, and the unprecedented levels of interconnectedness
    • The point of culture/community is to help people thrive and survive in a particular environment
    • The solution is always community; the difficult part is how do we get a grasp on the social environment in which we are going to plant these communities, and what are the seeds we are going to plant?
  • What is the purpose of forming these communities?
    • You don’t all have to agree on everything. You just need to agree on what you want to accomplish in your own lives. Example – Nicole’s community in the Holler.
    • Have a shared set of core values
    • Are we individualists or collectivists? And how do we best organize?
  • People don’t get attached to the mission, they get attached to the leader
    • Don’t make a target out of yourself or your group
  • At what point are you in the community, and when are you an observer?
  • Virtual versus physical communities
    • Can be global, with smaller, local sub-communities
    • Government cannot win a technology war
  • Leaders need to check their egoes
  • Be wary of revolutions – at the end of a revolution, you get more government
  • WHAT DO YOU WANT? Humans of Earth, what is it that you want?
  • “Only a fool would let an enemy educate his children.” Malcolm X
  • “Agorism in action creates its own institutions and builds the institutions of a free society within the shell of the old. When people start offering services, they create markets and prices. When they have conflicts, they find means to arbitration and protection. That’s what’s so beautiful with counter-economics. By withdrawing your support, stop feeding the beast, start acting economically and freedom, you bring about the market institutions we will need and must rely on when the state fails.” Dr. Per Bylund

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-Moderated by Curtis Stone

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Unloose the Goose is a podcast that was founded to bring great minds together to solve big problems that face our societies today. We aim to talk about what CAN BE without being fettered by what currently is so that viable solutions can be found that do not rely on the bad foundations of what has been tried — and failed.

Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast provides the overview.

It all started with a challenge from Curtis Stone – How would we build our world today if we started with a blank slate?


He invited many people to answer and one of them was Jack Spirko. Here is Jack’s Response.

And from this came the idea for Unloose the Goose – a meeting of the minds and hearts of a gaggle of hosts who want to see the evolution of a better world. One where the individual is empowered to live life to its fullest – whatever that means to each person.