Episode-3 The futility of politics the utility of community

Today we discuss mastering state jujitsu, ie getting around the barriers in our system by using the state’s own systems and rules to our advantage.

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Episode-2 Community in a Shifting World

Join us for a discussion on community, what it is, how it can work in a digitally changing environment and explore state imposed “community” vs real ones.

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Episode-1 The Gaggle Takes Flight

Meet your gaggle of hosts! Learn about this group of Agorist thinkers, how they got here and the problems they most want to see solved in the world. We talk about: Health and healthy living, freedom, food freedom, community, philosophy, farming, law, criminal justice and more. Continue reading “Episode-1 The Gaggle Takes Flight”

Episode 000 – The Gaggle

Unloose the Goose is a podcast that was founded to bring great minds together to solve big problems that face our societies today. We aim to talk about what CAN BE without being fettered by what currently is so that viable solutions can be found that do not rely on the bad foundations of what has been tried — and failed.

Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast provides the overview.